Samsung Galaxy S III: The Best Android Device At Present

Apple has been fighting a battle against Samsung in the court over claims that the Android smartphone maker has been using Apple ideas included in to the iPhone and iPad.

We are not sure whether these claims are true or not. But, Samsung has been manufacturing great devices which were able to attract a large chunk of consumers in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S III, the company’s latest smartphone, made use of several ideas from the iPhone, including the voice-activated assistant Siri.

Samsung Galaxy S III has become a dominant player in the market. For the past two Galaxy S versions, the carriers have each demanded custom tweaks to the size and features of the phone. But with the Galaxy S III, the device’s name and features are almost equal when it was released on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon.

  • Performance: Two gigabytes or RAM is what laptops used to offer a few years ago, and now the same amount is available in the Galaxy S III. The memory, along with the 1.5 GHz dual-processor, ripped through each task and app I use at the smartphone. This smartphone never suffered a crash or technical hitch. Apart from the internal storage space, the phone also has the capability to accommodate a 64 GB microSDHC memory card.
  • Camera: The handset has a built-in camera of 8 mega pixel and is considered as one of the best smartphones shooters available in the market. Similar to the HTC One X, the Galaxy S III has the ability to shoot in burst mode and has little shutter lag. The 1080p video recording offered by the camera is also good.
  • Battery life: The handset has been integrated with a powerful battery that gives power to the phone for a week and this is something that is rarely found in Android phones.
  • Buttons: The earlier Android smartphones use to have a line of buttons at the bottom of the screen, but Samsung took a new spin with the layout of the Galaxy S III. The gadget has been fitted with one physical button that acts much like the iPhone’s home button. It is flanked by a back and menu buttons that only light up when the screen is touched.
  • Software tweaks: Samsung has made a variety of alterations to the Android 4.0 interface that includes many handy shortcuts in the notifications pulldown menu. The Android 4.0 phone will allow its users to set different audio volume levels for the phone’s ringtone and email notifications.
  • Screen: The Galaxy S III has been attributed with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED that produces crisp images within its 1,280×720-pixel resolution. He screen has been protected with the new Gorilla Glass 2 covering that was very responsive. However, it is a bit disappointing that sometimes the screen take a little longer time to adjust to the sunlight.
  • S Voice: Samsung has included S Voice in to its Galaxy SIII and it is quite similar to the Apple’s Siri on the iPhone. Double tapping of the home button allows users to speak voice commands such as getting navigation direction, making a call, getting a weather report and sending an email or text. The voice recognition is blemished.
  • Keyboard: The Samsung’s keyboard is imbibed with default setting that often auto corrects the wrong word, and thus at times it makes typing a painful experience.
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII doesn’t have Dropbox freebies on some carriers: Unlike Sprint and T-Mobile versions, the AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S III’s do not come with 50 GB of Dropbox storage for nearly two years.
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Motorola Xoom WiFi to get Android Jelly Bean update

The Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update has began to be released by the mobile phone manufacturer Motorola for its tablet device Xoom WiFi. Motorola after testing the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean JRO03H build along with the Motorola Feedback Network, it has finally pushed out the update in to the market.

The new Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update brings developed user interface and has been tweaked to be more responsive. Thanks to the Project Butter of Google which mainly aims at improvising the basic Android experience. The Google search feature has been redesigned for the tablets and will arrive with a brand new look.

In the Android 4.1.1, gadgets have been optimised for customisation and self-resizing mechanism in the event you stuff lots of on the same screen. Gallery app has been tweaked for simpler picture viewing & you can also quickly share the same with others by e-mail or social networks. Improved keyboard makes text input faster by smartly predicting your next word & the text to speech works even without information connection.

Embellished with the Voice Search feature, the Xoom WiFi tablet will allow its users to search better by using their voice and setting their hands free. The gadget has been improvised with various major cosmetic changes to the Notifications tray. With the changes it shows an extended view of the notifications.

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Blackberry 10 to Have Slider Mobile Phones

BlackBerry 10 mobile phones are set to be released in 2013 and as the time of its presentation draws near, they are coming across all sorts of BlackBerry models that might or might not be in the BlackBerry ten series. As all of us know by now that the BlackBerry 10 series will include a full QWERTY handset and a full touch handset as well. So, what may be the next? A slider device sounds like the best idea and there are some pictures of the BlackBerry 10 slider available on the Internet.

There have been a number of buzzes about the BlackBerry 10 series, but the CEO of RIM confirmed the launch of a touch screen and full keyboard version of BlackBerry 10 in 2013. However, a slider handset might follow up these handsets. There were rumors about a BlackBerry 10 slider mobile phone by the name of BlackBerry Milan. However, the latest rumor about the BlackBerry Milan is that its hardware design was scrapped by RIM. The hopes of BlackBerry 10 slider are grim at the present time.

The diehard fans of BlackBerry will surely hope that the slider factor remains on RIM’s mind so that they can enjoy a sliding BlackBerry in the 10 series as well. In March this year, an idea tool from BlackBerry emerged that was dubbed BlackBerry Blade. This tool got plenty of attention from the BlackBerry community and those who truly support BlackBerry. However, the BlackBerry Blade was also left behind because it was featuring the design of BlackBerry 7, which is a sizable No for BlackBerry 10 series as RIM does not design to add any traditional menu and back buttons on the BlackBerry 10 series.

For the BlackBerry 10 slider, John Anastasiadis executed an angular keyboard, which is stylish and distinctive looking. Since, RIM was recently granted a patent for this specific type of angular keyboard, so John put it to work and added it to the BlackBerry 10 slider’s design. As enticing as it looks, there is still no possibility that the BlackBerry fans will receive a chance to punch keys on this angular keyboard. In the design for BlackBerry 10 slider that was shared by John, there is a track pad between the T and Y keys on the sliders keyboard. As most of you will know that in the event you hook up a PlayBook to a mouse then you can receive a cursor on the screen, which offered limited movements.

Maybe, RIM will be more fully change to the BlackBerry 10 OS and therefore, will make it track pad friendly in order to increase the ease of usage and to promote one-handed ease on the physical keyboard of BlackBerry 10 slider. However, this is all something that they will have to wait and watch because only time will tell what RIM will do and what will become of the BlackBerry 10 slider. However, the query to be asked here is that will Blackberry be able to regain its lost market share?

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ICS Update For AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

In the present mobile market, most of the devices are receiving updates be it the operating system or any other applications. In this league of updates, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II has finally joined the bandwagon of devices which are getting the ICS update. It has been reported in the official AT&T consumer blog that after Galaxy SII operating system upgraded to ICS, some other Android contenders from the carrier will also get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Samsung Galaxy S II users who want to receive this update free of cost need to visit the official website of Samsung with a help of a computer and then download the Samsung Kies Upgrade Program on it. The Kies upgrade program will then display instruction as to how to get the upgrade. Connecting the smartphone to the computer users need to follow the instructions in order to get the update free of charge. Click here to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

In a post on the official AT&T consumer blog, Ryan Lee stated that he has himself experienced much enhanced performance through all the ICS features, particularly the Recent Apps where one can go back and forth among various applications smoothly. Availed with the features already incorporated in to the Samsung Galaxy S II, ICS update is a clear win for the customers.

Integrated with features like with features like intuitive navigation, swift interface and faster browsing, the Android 4.0 platform offers an enhanced and satisfying customer experience. It also enables multitasking with the Recent Apps shortcut and tags along some useful features such as Face Unlock, a new notifications bar, improved home screen folders and an app to track data usage.

Running on the1.2GHz dual core processor the Samsung Galaxy S II is the predecessors of the S III. Its front panel is adorned with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen that gives a smooth viewing experience. It also has a built-in camera of 8MP camera with auto focus and LED flash and it also has a secondary camera of 2 mega pixel that facilitates video chatting. This phone is powered by 1650mAh battery that is capable of providing talk time of about 8 hours.

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Apple Iphone 5: The Most Awaited Smartphone From Apple

Apple is one of the pioneers in the segment of smart devices. The company has come up with various advanced and sophisticated gadgets which were able to attract a large chunk of tech savvy consumers in the market. In 2011, 30 million apple iphones were sold by Apple within the last quarter. A concerning 20 million iPhone 4S have been sold by the company and this has made Apple iPhone 4S the best seller in the smartphone market till date.  The manufacturer is planning to launch its latest smartphone iPhone 5 by the end of 2012. Market analysts are making predictions that apple would be able to sell 50 thousand iPhone 5 in 2012 and 2013.

Apple’s newest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5 will have a hard time in order to keep up the success of iPhone 4. If reports related to the features and specifications of iPhone 5are to be believed than it seems that the gadget is embellished with pretty impressive features and applications. If you are looking forward to avail this new Apple handset then your wait might be well worthier.

It has been reported that Apple has work very hard in taking care of the iPhone 5 design in order to make a unique device. According to the reports, Apple will design its latest device in to the shape of a great teardrop thus making it the slimmest iPhone so far. It is also anticipated that the glass back that was imbibed in iPhone 4 will be replaced with a more strong and lasting aluminum by Apple.

The iPhone 5 is considered to offer a variety of advanced features and applications which are sure to blow your mind away. At present most of the Android phones are equipped with a dual core processor and it seems that Apple iPhone 5 will follow suit. It is stated that Apple will make use of a quality A5 processor in its iPhone 5; it is the same processor used in to the iPad. It will be an important upgrade and this no doubt will help the iPhone for performing on a much faster and broader scale. Click here to unlock iPhone 5

It is also reported that Apple iPhone will be integrated with an 8 mega pixel camera that would be further enhanced with a dual flash feature. Quipped with such a high-resolution built-in camera, iPhone 5 can now give a tough competition to many Android phones when it comes to the camera feature.

The iPhone 5 will also be laden with the feature iCloud. This feature will help the users to store their pictures, music and any other data in a virtual cloud. This facility will allow the phone’s memory space to be free for other applications. It is stated that iPhone 5 will offer 5GB of cloud space to its users, however, users will be able to increase this storage by paying an annual fee.

Another great feature offered by the Apple iPhone is its operating system iOS 5 that is expected to be a ground breaking operating system that is expected to entirely transform the concept of iPhone. This OS will include Newsstand and iMessage and as well develop the system for notifications, thus not suspending you when you are busy working on something in to your handset. It is certain that users will appreciate these features. iOS 5, by the way, also works on the 3GS and iPhone 4 models.

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HTC Desire C: Fulfill Your Desire Of A Smartphone With Desire C

In the modern times of technological development, mobile phones are no longer considered as any product that helps an individual to communicate to his near and dear ones; but these have became one of the most indispensable part of our daily life. Now days, without a mobile phones, it is quite difficult for us to maintain even a single day  since its is no longer used only for making and receiving calls rather it is used for various other tasks. The phones available in the current mobile market are embellished with various advanced features and applications which help users to make their life more comfortable and easy to live.

Realizing the increasing demands of mobile phones among the people, many companies have come up with a wide range of advanced gadgets. These new products are enriched with various latest features and applications are all new range of smartphones. HTC is one of the renowned manufacturers that has produced many successful handsets in to the market. HTC Desire C is one of its latest entrants in to the league of smart devices from the company.

This latest HTC handset carries a display unit of 3.7 inch S-LCD capacitive touch screen that has a high screen resolution of 480×800 pixels. The display is compatible of displaying 16 million colors that will for sure make viewing photos, playing games, surfing down the Internet an amazing experience. The handset is a compact device featuring dimension of 107.2 x 60.6 x 12.3 mm and it weighs only 100 g making it slip easily in to the pockets.

Integrated with 1.1 GB ROM and 768 MB RAM internal memory, the handset is also equipped with microSD card slot that is capable of supporting 32GB external memory card. Thus users can store their important files and data on the phone in large number. This is not all that you can avail from this handset rather there are lots more to enjoy in this handset. Desire C users can download thousands of app from android market directly in to handset.

Consumers are also offered with a smart and cool camera of 5 mega pixel camera that facilitates them to capture images within a high picture resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. It also lets users to record videos at 720p HD video. It is a 3G device running on the Android OS, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and is powered by 600 MHz processor that gives efficiency to the functionality of the handset.

One of the most important tasks that is facilitated by the current smartphones is Internet connectivity. The HTC Desire C also offers various connectivity options including Wi-Fi connectivity feature and 3G coverage via an HSDPA. It also provides a download speed of 14.4 Mbps. These features are sure to provide you a satisfying Internet experience. You can browse down the social networking sites easily and thus can stay connected to your friends and family even on the move.

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Mobile Phone: The Essential Need Of The Hour

Mobile phones have become an essential need of our everyday life. In fact, we can’t even imagine to survive a single day without cell phones. Mobile handsets have gone through different phases since its inception to reach the present stage. The mobile phones recently launched in the market are highly applauded in both domestic and international market owing to their new functions, classy style and elegant designs. Now, buyers can basically enjoy all types of technologically advanced functions like high-resolution camera, Bluetooth, maximum memory storage and quality speaker with the present era mobile devices of any reputed brand. Moreover, latest cell phones including all these advanced features are also available at cost-effective prices so that a buyer can afford it without any budgetary restraints.

The wide screened devices available in the current mobile market have in particular received much popularity among the youngsters. Significant features like Google navigator software, the wide-screen, voice keyboard, 32GB expandable memory and 4GB Micro SD have been able to enthrall and attract large chunk of consumers from different corners of the globe. To meet the demands of the people from different sections of the society, cell phones have been classified into varied categories such as student, business, feminine and masculine on the basis of their characteristics. The latest business phones available in the market are enriched with strong Internet connectivity and highly new software, which facilitates the users to use their business activities swiftly from any place.

The mobile phones in the present day can be used as mini-computers also, as these are equipped with built tools like notepad, MS-office, calendar and calculator. Furthermore, the advent of 3G telecom expertise has brought an extreme change in the world of mobile phones. Now, these devices have occupied the status of computers. The 3G expertise permits the users to make video conferencing and& that with excellent web speed from any nook and corner of the world. This expertise allows the user to speak to his near and dear ones at any point of time from his/her cell phone without paying any additional STD or ISD cost.

With the growing demands of innovative mobile phones, a number of manufacturers have entered the mobile market with their different models of mobile handsets. Some of the leading mobile brands like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson have come up with devices featuring all the modern features and technologies at reasonable price-rates. Another important aspect of these latest mobile handsets is the idea of dual SIM and multi SIM. Dual SIM or Multi SIM handsets appear to have occupied a broad client-base all throughout the world due to the fact these rings usually have or more slots to insert different SIM cards. This expertise helps the user to access mobile connectivity services from over service provider.

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