Android Vs iPhone: A Comparative Study Between The Operating System

Comparisons between Android-based mobile phones and the massive mobile manufacturer Apple are gradually increasing. The iPhone consistently pleases its large chunk of users with its technically advanced features and regular cold updates, but recently Android devices have been stepping up in to the market with some features of its own that may cause Apple users to do a double-take.

What Android Does Better

It may not appear like a big deal, but Android based mobile handsets control alerts in a much better way than the iPhone does. Alerts are used by everyone whether it has to check on your business loans or to ensure that you call your mom back. When you power on your Android phone, your alerts are displayed immediately along the top of your phone’s main screen.

Alerts that indicate missed calls, voice mails, e-mails or texts appear quickly and permit you to navigate them by clicking on the alert or by using the pull down screen. The Android makes it simple for you to know what you require to do as well as what you have missed, whereas the iPhone makes this system a bit more difficult.

iPhone Alert: Not User-Friendly

Significantly, the iPhone alert method is tiresome and absolutely not user-friendly. Busy people basically need to glance at their alert notifications, not must go in to a clunky app that makes you access them by clicking on them individually. Alerts can also go unnoticed on this platform.

Deleting alerts is even more difficult on the iPhone, whereas the Android lets you to organize and eliminate your alerts quite easily. The Android keeps your alerts in sequential order, letting you know in actual time which alerts came in first and which are the most important, while the iPhone’s alerts are not in chronological order. Both have alert and notification systems, but Android basically has a better method than iPhone.

You may be in love with your Apple iPhone for various reasons, but the Android definitely stands all by itself. In another way that the Android is a little bit better than the iPhone is in its mapping system. Both platforms offer mapping, GPS navigation and Google Voice integration, but these programs are all far superior on the Android systems than they are on the Apple systems.


Most of the users that compare the iPhone to the Android are of the opinion that the home screen on the Android tool is far simpler to make use of and offers less limitations to access apps, alerts and other things you require on an every day basis. This may be something to think about if you are thinking to purchase a used phone. The Android also tends to have less updates than the iPhone. Apple is a great company, but their iPhone may not be what you are looking for.

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