Apple Iphone 5: The Most Awaited Smartphone From Apple

Apple is one of the pioneers in the segment of smart devices. The company has come up with various advanced and sophisticated gadgets which were able to attract a large chunk of tech savvy consumers in the market. In 2011, 30 million apple iphones were sold by Apple within the last quarter. A concerning 20 million iPhone 4S have been sold by the company and this has made Apple iPhone 4S the best seller in the smartphone market till date.  The manufacturer is planning to launch its latest smartphone iPhone 5 by the end of 2012. Market analysts are making predictions that apple would be able to sell 50 thousand iPhone 5 in 2012 and 2013.

Apple’s newest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5 will have a hard time in order to keep up the success of iPhone 4. If reports related to the features and specifications of iPhone 5are to be believed than it seems that the gadget is embellished with pretty impressive features and applications. If you are looking forward to avail this new Apple handset then your wait might be well worthier.

It has been reported that Apple has work very hard in taking care of the iPhone 5 design in order to make a unique device. According to the reports, Apple will design its latest device in to the shape of a great teardrop thus making it the slimmest iPhone so far. It is also anticipated that the glass back that was imbibed in iPhone 4 will be replaced with a more strong and lasting aluminum by Apple.

The iPhone 5 is considered to offer a variety of advanced features and applications which are sure to blow your mind away. At present most of the Android phones are equipped with a dual core processor and it seems that Apple iPhone 5 will follow suit. It is stated that Apple will make use of a quality A5 processor in its iPhone 5; it is the same processor used in to the iPad. It will be an important upgrade and this no doubt will help the iPhone for performing on a much faster and broader scale. Click here to unlock iPhone 5

It is also reported that Apple iPhone will be integrated with an 8 mega pixel camera that would be further enhanced with a dual flash feature. Quipped with such a high-resolution built-in camera, iPhone 5 can now give a tough competition to many Android phones when it comes to the camera feature.

The iPhone 5 will also be laden with the feature iCloud. This feature will help the users to store their pictures, music and any other data in a virtual cloud. This facility will allow the phone’s memory space to be free for other applications. It is stated that iPhone 5 will offer 5GB of cloud space to its users, however, users will be able to increase this storage by paying an annual fee.

Another great feature offered by the Apple iPhone is its operating system iOS 5 that is expected to be a ground breaking operating system that is expected to entirely transform the concept of iPhone. This OS will include Newsstand and iMessage and as well develop the system for notifications, thus not suspending you when you are busy working on something in to your handset. It is certain that users will appreciate these features. iOS 5, by the way, also works on the 3GS and iPhone 4 models.

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