Apple iPhone 5: The Sixth Generation iPhone to Hit The Market Soon

In the arena of smartphones, Apple iPhones have been a brand name for the past five years (since its first release). The Apple smartphones have been able to create a niche for themselves for their elegance, performance, innovation, best in class design and several hundred features. Currently, the company is being talked about because of its next generation iPhone – the iPhone 5. This latest smartphone from the company is the sixth generation iPhone in the series following iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

As iPhone 5 is one of the most expected mobile of the year, devoted Apple fans are foreseeing and eagerly waiting for the launch of iPhone 5. Some industry insiders claim it to be launch in September, while some at WWDC, but as WWDC has witnessed major Apple Inc breakthroughs, there appears to be a large possibility of its launch at the conference. New iPhone launch won’t be as spectacular, magical and jubilant as it used to be earlier with the magnificent and impeccable presentation from Apple’s founder Steve Jobs. Here
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In terms of Apple iPhone five features there are a few news feeds, which are important from a customer’s point of view. First, it is predicted to feature a bigger screen. When Apple’ largest competitor Samsung is assisting customers by providing interface of 4.8 inch-HD screen in its Galaxy S III, Apple needs to increase screen size in order to meet up with the trend. Secondly, there is a great possibility of new iPhone being 4G LTE offering phone. LTE is the latest, quickest and greatest wireless know-how which even fails wired broadband connection. Thirdly, the new iPhone is believed to be made up of Liquid metal. Liquid metal will help in making the phone light, hard and scratch resistant, and is said to make it feel long lasting as well as very smooth.

The latest Apple iPhone 5 is also expected to be loaded with a higher resolution camera and a powerful processor that would certainly enhance the functionality of the device. Last but not the least, it is also being rumoured that the iPhone 5 will also have a Steve Jobs logo encrypted on it. It is also considered that the price of the latest iPhone will be slightly more than the previous iPhone 4S. Once the device arrives in to the market for sale, consumers will be able to buy it through various iPhone 5 deals like contract, pay as you go and SIM free deals. All these deals will be furnished by the leading mobile network carriers available in the market. With these deals, consumers will be able to purchase this much awaited Apple iPhone at a much cheaper price.

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