Blackberry 10 to Have Slider Mobile Phones

BlackBerry 10 mobile phones are set to be released in 2013 and as the time of its presentation draws near, they are coming across all sorts of BlackBerry models that might or might not be in the BlackBerry ten series. As all of us know by now that the BlackBerry 10 series will include a full QWERTY handset and a full touch handset as well. So, what may be the next? A slider device sounds like the best idea and there are some pictures of the BlackBerry 10 slider available on the Internet.

There have been a number of buzzes about the BlackBerry 10 series, but the CEO of RIM confirmed the launch of a touch screen and full keyboard version of BlackBerry 10 in 2013. However, a slider handset might follow up these handsets. There were rumors about a BlackBerry 10 slider mobile phone by the name of BlackBerry Milan. However, the latest rumor about the BlackBerry Milan is that its hardware design was scrapped by RIM. The hopes of BlackBerry 10 slider are grim at the present time.

The diehard fans of BlackBerry will surely hope that the slider factor remains on RIM’s mind so that they can enjoy a sliding BlackBerry in the 10 series as well. In March this year, an idea tool from BlackBerry emerged that was dubbed BlackBerry Blade. This tool got plenty of attention from the BlackBerry community and those who truly support BlackBerry. However, the BlackBerry Blade was also left behind because it was featuring the design of BlackBerry 7, which is a sizable No for BlackBerry 10 series as RIM does not design to add any traditional menu and back buttons on the BlackBerry 10 series.

For the BlackBerry 10 slider, John Anastasiadis executed an angular keyboard, which is stylish and distinctive looking. Since, RIM was recently granted a patent for this specific type of angular keyboard, so John put it to work and added it to the BlackBerry 10 slider’s design. As enticing as it looks, there is still no possibility that the BlackBerry fans will receive a chance to punch keys on this angular keyboard. In the design for BlackBerry 10 slider that was shared by John, there is a track pad between the T and Y keys on the sliders keyboard. As most of you will know that in the event you hook up a PlayBook to a mouse then you can receive a cursor on the screen, which offered limited movements.

Maybe, RIM will be more fully change to the BlackBerry 10 OS and therefore, will make it track pad friendly in order to increase the ease of usage and to promote one-handed ease on the physical keyboard of BlackBerry 10 slider. However, this is all something that they will have to wait and watch because only time will tell what RIM will do and what will become of the BlackBerry 10 slider. However, the query to be asked here is that will Blackberry be able to regain its lost market share?

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