Blackberry Mobile Phone Vs LG Mobile Phones – Make A Smart Choice

The mobile phones manufactured by the mobile company BlackBerry are known to play a major role in bringing the change witnessed in the business class handset segment. With the introduction of more and more efficient and trustworthy device, the manufacture has evenly changed the way people communicate by merging business and entertainment in a single gadget. These developed handsets are imbibed with latest technological features and sophisticated advancements that make the gadget user-friendly and highly efficient. Embellished with high-tech features and applications, BlackBerry mobile phones largely targeted business professionals.

At present, these high-tech devices are identical with business and its elite set of features makes it over adequate for executives and corporate users. The ‘apt-for-business’ features include document viewing, office suite, conference calls, e-mail support etc. These smart phones come equipped with the best of features simultaneously ensuring a light weight and small size. BlackBerry devices are faster with incorporated features like music players, high quality camera, Net support by EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth. The QWERTY keyboard adds to the ‘official’ theme of the handsets as well as a number of the most popular models from the company includes BlackBerry 7130g, BlackBerry Pearl 8100, & BlackBerry 7290, 9800, 9810, 9370 and many more.

BlackBerry handsets chiefly meet the diverse necessities of business users, LG on the other hand, focused on a wider class of mobile phone users. Although the South Korean giants made its entry into the mobile industry relatively late as compared to its competitors, yet it still managed to create a place for itself within the short period of time. Bringing together high features and functionalities with appealing looks, LG mobile phones do much more than only attracting the attention of the users. Some of the mobile phones from LG went on to become a sort of ‘status symbol’ or a valued possession, for example LG Prada, Chocolate, Optimus LTE Tag, Optimus Pad LTE etc. LG U300, LG U900 or LG U8860, LG X350, the Optimus series are some of the other well known LG mobile phones.

In the mobile industry, the mobile brand LG is often accredited for introducing penetrating concepts and innovative technologies in the mobile market. It came with the first the world first full touchscreen 8 mega pixel camera phone LG-KC910 and the first transparent keyboard in LG crystal. The response that the company received has always been stimulating. There a many successful LG mobile phones which garnered huge popularity among the users. The manufacturer has been able to elegantly merge the best of both the worlds be it high quality and smart camera functionality, music capabilities or the eye catchy looks. LG make its handset run on a private operating system as against the Window Mobile or Symbian operating system. The LG handsets are offered by the reputed mobile carriers offering excellent network for the mobile users.

A comparison between LG mobile phones and Blackberry mobile phones facilitates one to reach at an appropriate conclusion as to which brand to opt for, although the devices from both the brands are outfitted with abundant features resulting in stand alone products. It generally depends upon the precise needs and necessities of the end users, however, a business professional is more likely to go for BlackBerry handsets as compared to the normal users who is more likely to prefer LG mobile phones.

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