Blackberry Vs iPhones: The Two Best Smartphones

At present a wide range of smartphones is available in the market. However, the best among all the smartphones till date are arguably the iPhone and BlackBerry. The speed, functionality, and the visual appeal of the devices by both the brands make them the only choice that ought to be made by fans and anybody else looking for a great phone. The awe-inspiring white iPhone 4 is Apple’s latest model and the sweet bar styled bold range is BlackBerry’s answer to the Smartphone challenge that all manufacturers of handsets have been trying out for. Yes, trying out for because all of them now understand that there is no point in bringing out substandard devices in order to be appreciated by the consumers seriously. Therefore, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, and other productive manufactures of handsets have entered the race that already has two companies way ahead.

In terms of appearance both the iPhone 4 and the BlackBerry look different. The fact of the lack of touchable buttons on the iPhone 4 encouraged BlackBerry to up the ante by launching the torch range. The sheets of strengthened glass making up both iPhone 4′s frontage and backside make it appear and feel as expensive as it is actually. The aluminium strip between the two sheets contrasts beautifully in opposition to the white colour. The Blackberry Bold, which came out around the same time as the iPhone4, looks clumsy when compared to the iPhone 4. You do not feel like there is much room for the front side and the keypad on the Bold BlackBerry smartphone range, and the Blackberry Torch might have come a small late.

If we talk about performance, the Bold and the iPhone 4 are evenly similar in performing their functionalists.  Both the smartphones have stayed away from the dual core processor expertise with iPhone 4 using ARM Cortex A8 chipset set up in the prominent iPad tablet. The unit also contains a PowerVR SGX535 which accelerates graphics and makes them look great and retort with greater swiftness. A BlackBerry software Bold 9900 has a high-powered Qualcomm 8655 1.2G.hz chip. The additional speed is enhanced by a more advanced level of RAM. That said, both rings respond faster than most of the other devices available in the market. The 640 x 489 resolution sported by the 2.8 inch display that the Bold has is no competition for iPhone’s Retina display that is figured 326 pixels per inch calculated from the high resolution of 640 by 960 on a 3.5-inch screen!

These outstanding mobile phones already have a huge fan following who will argue about which of them is the best. RIM came out fast and furious when it launched the BlackBerry phone, but Apple proved yet again that it understands what functional innovation means. Still it is very difficult to come up with a conclusion as which one is the best in the case of Blackberry Smartphone vs iPhone.

Both the white-colored iPhone 4 and the Blackberry Bold 9900 are available in the mobile market. You can get these smartphones through various lucrative and affordable mobile phone deals furnished by the best mobile operators available in the market. The mobile phone deals will let you purchase these handsets at an economical rate without falling heavy on your pocket.

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