HTC One XL: The Latest Entrant In To The Family Of HTC One

Over the past two years, consumers for the HTC’s design philosophy have increased manifolds. The offerings from the company have only gotten stronger and stronger in terms of design; from the Desire range to the Incredible S and to the Sensation line-up. The manufacturer has recently has come up with a new series of handsets called One. The quality of the HTC handsets continues to impress consumers, and the One XL represents the apex so far of that process.

The One XL is one of the larger models under the series HTC One so far. The handset is designed with a modest and robust chassis featuring dimensions of 134.8 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm and has a weight of 129 g. This new member of the HTC One family- the One XL is said to be special enriched with XL features and it describes it all in the name. The other members of the HTC One family have brought something or other specialties to the table. Lets us check what does this new HTC One handset has to offer us.

The HTC One XL is beautified with a large Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen display screen that measures 4.7 inches. This large screen of the phone sports 720 x 1280 pixels resolution and also has the capability to display 16M colors. If you place the One XL next to iPhone 4 or 4S, the difference between the current generation of Android and Apple thinking becomes apparent clearly. The leading Android handsets manufacturers — Samsung and HTC have shifted much of their top-range line-up to a 4.7″ or 4.8″ screen size. In comparison, the 3.5 inch screen of Apple’s iPhone 4 and 4S range feels confined and a bit too small.

The built-in camera is one of the main features of the phone that is sure to attract a large number of consumers in the market. Every modern mobile phone users wishes to have a good quality camera in their handset and this desire is fulfilled by the high-definition camera of 8MP camera. It is an incredible camera that lets you take some of the best pictures of your memorable moments. The camera phone will capture all your moments with amazing quality and realistic images mean better sharing and more exciting reliving.

One of the additional features to help to make your pictures of flawless quality is the Clever LED Flash, this ensures that irrespective of the lighting at the time of the photograph every detail is vivid and bright and you can see every part of the photograph clearly. Then there is Auto Focus so regardless how steady your hand is, the camera automatically clears everything up so everything is bold and clear, there are no blurry faces. Finally there is the BSI Sensor that is designed for better low light captures. With it you can be sure that every photograph, irrespective of light, place or picture, will be at their best, with no additional hassle to you.

If you are not a photo buff and is least interested in clicking pictures with your mobile phone and what if you prefer to shoot videos? Not to worry, the 1080p HD Video recorder has you covered. If a still photo won’t do justice to the moment, or you want to capture your friends or family in action then you can jump into cameraman mode and direct the best videos you can imagine with the help of your HTC One XL camera phone.

The video stabilization feature imbibed in to the phone helps you to capture the best videos even if you are giggling away or even if you are standing in the rain, this phone is designed in such a manner that it will offer you the best every time.

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