ICS Update For AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

In the present mobile market, most of the devices are receiving updates be it the operating system or any other applications. In this league of updates, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II has finally joined the bandwagon of devices which are getting the ICS update. It has been reported in the official AT&T consumer blog that after Galaxy SII operating system upgraded to ICS, some other Android contenders from the carrier will also get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Samsung Galaxy S II users who want to receive this update free of cost need to visit the official website of Samsung with a help of a computer and then download the Samsung Kies Upgrade Program on it. The Kies upgrade program will then display instruction as to how to get the upgrade. Connecting the smartphone to the computer users need to follow the instructions in order to get the update free of charge. Click here to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

In a post on the official AT&T consumer blog, Ryan Lee stated that he has himself experienced much enhanced performance through all the ICS features, particularly the Recent Apps where one can go back and forth among various applications smoothly. Availed with the features already incorporated in to the Samsung Galaxy S II, ICS update is a clear win for the customers.

Integrated with features like with features like intuitive navigation, swift interface and faster browsing, the Android 4.0 platform offers an enhanced and satisfying customer experience. It also enables multitasking with the Recent Apps shortcut and tags along some useful features such as Face Unlock, a new notifications bar, improved home screen folders and an app to track data usage.

Running on the1.2GHz dual core processor the Samsung Galaxy S II is the predecessors of the S III. Its front panel is adorned with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen that gives a smooth viewing experience. It also has a built-in camera of 8MP camera with auto focus and LED flash and it also has a secondary camera of 2 mega pixel that facilitates video chatting. This phone is powered by 1650mAh battery that is capable of providing talk time of about 8 hours.

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