iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S: It’s A Tough Job To Make A Choice Between The Two

Recently, the electronic giant Apple has released its latest mobile phone- the iPhone 5 in to the market. The device is marked with various innovative technologies and advanced features. iPhone fans could easily avail this latest Apple device through various iPhone 5 deals offered by the top-notch mobile network operators.

The series of iPhone devices has an iconic style and design. These handsets are best known for their usage of latest technologies and sophisticated advancements. The iPhone 4S is the second in the improvised design line and it gave the 3.5” smartphone a box like shape with glass on both sides. With 0.37” thickness and 2.31” in width, the handset comfortably settles into the palm of your hand giving a great feel. The .3″ thick frame of iPhone 5 is visibly thinner despite being more powerful and containing more hardware. The difference in width is insignificant, so they are going to feel quite similar in the hand.

With the introduction of the very first iPhone, this series of smartphone has been featured with the same screen size. The iPhone 4S carries a 3.5 inches IPS display that has a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels. Offering 330 ppi, it is still one of the best displays available if compared to other devices. However, iPhone 5 breaks the iPhone mold featuring a new larger screen of 4 inches that has a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. Apart from being a larger screen, the aspect ration on this 326 ppi screen has also changed to 16:9. The screen is enhanced with much better color saturation and touch is integrated directly into the display making it perfect.

Apple has set up a tough competition in the segment of smartphones with its next generation of wireless connectivity. The iPhone 4S is a 3G device and has the capacity to connect to HSPA+ on AT&T and CDMA on Sprint and Verizon networks. While iPhone 5 is featured with LTE radio technology that is much more capable of taking advantage of the notable increase in speeds offered by various global mobile network carriers.

Every version of the iPhone smartphone has had a special processor that has been built under Apple’s supervision by other companies. The iPhone 4S features a dual-core A5 processor clocked to 800MHz. While plenty of have seen this processor as being underclocked, the iPhone 4S is seldom found to be sluggish or lagging. The processor in the iPhone 5 is Apple’s new A6 chip, which boasts an increase in performance as well a smaller overall processor. Apple says both the CPU & GPU offers a 2x performance bump over the A5 chip, so iOS ought to fly along.

With the current Android devices featuring not less than 1GB of RAM, the iPhone 4S with 512mb of RAM may seem to be insufficient. But when you use a 4S, you may further find that 512mb of RAM is more and enough to drive this smartphone. Packed with the new processor, iPhone 5 has come up with 1GB of RAM in order to keep up with the much faster processor.

The iPhone 4S camera is the standard one to which most other smartphone cameras are compared to. The 8MP camera built-in in the iPhone 4S has the ability to capture quality photographs, as well as it can record videos at 1080p. The program that accompanies the iPhone camera allows users to take photographs that are often mistaken for professional shots. The iPhone 5 is also equipped with an 8MP camera that lets users click pictures within resolution of 3264 x 2448. The technology within the camera has been significantly improved. The backlit sensor and element lens on the iPhone 5 camera, being called iSight, will permit photographs to be taken in low light situations with better noise reduction. There is also a Panorama view able to capturing 28MP images.

Apple has certainly released a superior product with the iPhone 5 but if you are not interest on the very best device of the iPhone series then you can opt for the iPhone 4S which is still a great phone catering most of the demands of the modern mobile users.

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