New Range Of Asha Smartphones Launched By Nokia

A new range of Asha smartphones has been released by the Global mobile phone maker Nokia in order to extend its Asha family further.

With this new range of Asha phones, the count of handsets under this series has become 10 and all these are available in more than 130 markets across the globe. The young and the social consumers who are looking for handsets that would match their lifestyle can opt for Asha range of mobile phones and can flaunt their style among friends.

A source at the launch of the new Asha range has said that the two phones Nokia Asha 305 and 311 are full touch handsets and they are intended to offer a superbly rich and smartphone-like experience to the consumers who want to free themselves from shortcomings like data consumption costs and short battery life.

While the Nokia Asha 305 is a fun and reasonable phone, featuring the elite Simple Swap dual SIM, Nokia Asha 311 is a quick and fluid 3.5G capacitive touchscreen tool and is supported by a 1GHz processor that offers a great Web browsing experience. Both devices offer a brand new, pristine and fully re-designed touch user interface, combined with the proved ease-of-use from Nokia’s heritage with digital design innovations particularly fit for the purpose.

A source from Nokia stated that launching Nokia Asha 305 and 311 in to the market, the company is accelerating its assurance to connect to the next billion consumers. These phones are basically embellished with the features on what young and urban people give importance to. It is a stylish and elegant device that offers an intuitive and affordable experience of connecting through the Internet to their family and friends and to the world of entertainment, web apps and content.

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